What do #metoo and sex work have to do with each other? And what do they not? I had a fabulous conversation with Josefa Nereus about boundaries, consent, being a whore by conviction and - Ronja Räubertochter. Now we subtitled a short version of the interview to make it available for the international debate.
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A short documentation on Marlen's Instant Intimacy Performance during the Porn Film Festival Berlin in 2015.

Camera: Claudia Richarz claudiaricharz.de

Music: Jan Stolterfoht aka Jan Pelao janstolterfoht.de
Edit: Jeff Coons


Instant Intimacy PFF 2015 preview

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Frauen kaufen Sex Frau TV

Women buying Sex - TV feature with Kristina Marlen. Author: Uschi Müller.




Finally -  the best panel discussion of the year on the topic of Prostitution and Law 



Should the middle class be protected from sex workers? Why is it kept a secret, that sex work is happening in the center of society? Why are women denied their ability to use sexual capital? Which sexual culture is behind the way we perceive sex workers? How could a self-determined sex work look like?

These are the questions that occupy my mind. Klick on the preview image, to find out more.


Preview Marlen zu PSG













5 experts are discussing the new Prostitution "Protection" Law; they shed light on the background, the practical effects, questions on data-protection law and the mystery of why prostitutes should always be controlled for their "own protection". Inputs on the debate, that usually remain unheard. Watch the trailer here:


Preview PSG Trailer














PRECARIOUS BODIES - Panel discussion during the festival "Body Talks", featured by Missy Magazine.

with Sonja Dolinsek (HU Berlin), Tanja Sommer (Sex worker, BeSD), Sybille Homt (Health Department Dresden), Dr. Bärbel Uhl (data-protection law expert), Kristina Marlen (Sex worker, BesD), Moderation : Mithu M. Sanyal, Author. 

The unshortened version of the discussion is HERE (without english subtitles)


In order to view the video please click on the picture below

Bildschirmfoto 2017 09 02 um 09.45.54
At Brent Groff's Day Show about German law in prostitution and the seal of approval for brothels.