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Berlin, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zürich - Newsletter Kristina Marlen is out!


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Mind & Mindfulness with Felix Ruckert


Felix Ruckert Mindfulness

Space, time, body and rope. A deeper understanding of concepts, materials and objects is the secret of modern sorcery. Felix draws from 40 of experience in dance, body work and BBDSM practices to break through habits of seeing, hearing and sensing. She appeals to courage and lust to re-invent perception and therefore create enlivenment. Playing means inventing and following rules. Creativity is sparked by friction with challenges. Intensity is produced by open goal navigation through resistence. This is an invitation to a controlled loss of control, to turn the world upside-down. And to laugh about it.

Skin & Breath with Gestalta

Bondage with Gestalta

Skin revolves like a sensitive and protective suit around our bodies. Skin divides the inner from the outer world. Skin protects and makes us vulnerable at the same time. Skin is breathing, literally. Manipulation via skin needs a certain subtlty. Its not the big movements and impacts, that we need if we try to enter a partner via Skin. The more clear and intentional the ropework, the deeper the resonance.


I invited Gestalta because I would call her style, in opposition to mine for example, as „Minimally invasive“. Her physical closeness is rather non- intrusive; in the meantime, her ropework is tremendeously intense and challenging for her rope partners. In this workshop we´ll explore the potential of intimacy, specific to Gestaltas Ropework. The mornings start with a bodywork class led by Kristina Marlen to embody the topics skin and breath.

fluid0 poster

Watch FLUIDØ by Shu Lea Cheang at PornFilmFestival Berlin 2017.


In 2016, the HI virus is extinct. Only a few immune humans carry a mutated version of the virus. Their body fluids contain a new hyper narcotic – the super drug of the 21st century! They are hunted by a secret police and a drug dealer operating a sperm farm. With I.K.U., multimedia artist Shu Lea Cheang opened the 1st Pornfilmfestival Berlin in 2006. Now she’s back with another queer cyberpunk porn dystopia.


FLUIDO is an "orgiastic opera" of amazing visuals, a "Cypherpunk scinece fiction" with many explicit scenes. Kristina Marlen is playing the role of Eva, a mistress who owns The Lick - a brothel where you can get fresh female ejaculate directly from the spot. :-)

Finally the summer newsletter just made its way online! 🐞


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Bondage SoptikFunis Corporalis- the rope academy revolving around body and rope

#2: FLESH - going deeper with SOPTIK (Prague)
11./12. November , Berlin

DARK TANTRA RETREAT in Avignon, France, May 26-28 !

Chateau BlickExclusive, focused and in an extraordinary place - I have accepted the invitation of the Connection University. In collaboration with Dr. Tara Long, I am offering you a very special retreat opportunity.

The tantra ritual meets the art of bondage; it is a known fact that with me you will learn more than just a bondage technique - and Dr. Long will guide us through the concentration technique and magic of the ritual. On that weekend Goddess Kali will unfold her power.
Chateau Frankreich

It will all take place at the wonderful Chateau St. Victor La Coste. 
You can see incredible pictures of the chateau HERE.
You can find all info (price, workshops, etc) HERE and on the Facebook event



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Exploring Femininity 


Do you identify as female? Are you a woman? Do you sometimes ask yourself what that even means? Or what it means for you personally?


Fantastic. You are right at home here with us. Female– a mythical place, a venerated, dearly held, and battle-stricken existence.


Where do you place your femininity? In the whole body, in a bodily region, in a sense of physicality? How do you express it? In posture, in movement, in a feeling? In your thoughts, your words, your sexuality, your relationships or forms of relationship? Which visions and fantasies do you have of womanhood? What do you love about being female, with what do you struggle, what holds you back? What meanings do you assign to femininity? Do you value womanhood? How do you place your femininity in the world, where do you allow the two to interact? How does it influence your desires? Do you find womanhood attractive?

Berlin, France, Helsinki - News about the beginning of the year with Marlen 

NL Frühjahr 2017 EN





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Embodied rope / rope as an extension of the body
Rope Academy curated by Kristina Marlen


funis corporalis titelbild bondage klein

This rope academy revolves around bodies in ropes over a series of intensive weekends. Once a month from October 2017 to March 2018, we will be exploring into the work of a different international presenter. Each presenter has been handpicked for their exceptional work with rope and bodies.


Each workshop is dedicated to a particular topic and will combine somatic learning with, without, and within rope. We will begin with a bodily warm-up and intro lead by Kristina Marlen. From there we will delve into the work of that weekend’s presenter over the course of two intensive days. Spread out over 5 months, this academy is designed to provide you the opportunity of continual development.


FLUIDØ by Shu Lea Cheang with Kristina Marlen in the role of EVA

fluid0 poster

FLUIDØ, the new film of Shu Lea Cheang, has celebrated its world premiere at the 67th Berlinale on 14.02.2017.
In this "orgiastic opera", a cypherpunk science fiction with many explicit scenes, I am playing the role of Eva, a mistress who owns The Lick - a brothel where you can get fresh female ejaculate directly from the spot. :-)
fluido castI am very happy, it was a unique experience to have worked with this staff and performers!


Berlinale Missed? The film is certainly shown at the Pornfilmefstival Oktiber 2017. Be the first.


Part 1: Tantra - no differentiation between sacred and profane?

140930 Tantra Seil 0415 kleinOn the 1st of July 2017 the Prostitutes “Protection” Act was passed. This law with a deceiving name now forces individuals that work professionally with sexuality to abide by new regulations and ordinances. Both the operators of prostitution sites as well as individuals will be massively hindered by these stipulations. The introduction of a registration requirement for prostitutes (the so-called “whore ID card,” to be completed by 1 January 2018 the latest), especially gives doubt as to if this law is supposed to really be about protection as the name suggests or if it is nothing more than a step for extensive control and surveillance of sexworkers.

A new workshop on boundaries, movement and freedom 

Bound Rituale die verbinden

In April 2017 I will be a guest at In-Team and will teach a new workshop entitled Bound - Rituals that create connection.


This workshop is a field of experimentation on the polarity of safety and explorative danger between restriction and surrender, between the limitations and freedom that arise from it.

We use movement and stillness, ropes, senses, heart and understanding.

A practice based workshop with useful techniques, physical experiences and the potential for rich spiritual echo.

How many boundaries do we need to feel that we are in good hands – and to move freely beyond them? Which ones are unnecessary? Where are our own boundaries and limitations– on our body, in movement, in contact or communication? How come we sometimes find it exciting to be bound or restricted–how do we experience resistance and friction? When is consensual struggle deeply peacemaking? How come we are drawn towards reaching our limits and what is it that makes us want to push them?

We will be working with tools from contact improvisation, body work, Japanese Bondage and and other forms of taming the body, with elements of rituals and contemplation. We will be working alone, in pairs or in a group. Our goal is to experience delightful change at our limits. 


Dates: 21-23 April 2017

Fees: 260 Euro

Early bird discount up to 4 weeks before the workshop: 30 Euro

Deposit: 80 Euro

Where: GUT FROHBERG - Seminarzentrum Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschütztal/ Krögis

Register at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Today (1 July 2017) the Prostitutes “Protection” Act is passed. Thoughts on a somber day

For my non-german speaking friends & colleagues, if you are interested about the new law on prostituition and thoughts about germany´s liberality. (HERE the original in german.)


Bildschirmfoto 2017 07 16 um 00.41.59

A little over a week ago I was the happiest sexworker in Germany. I had the pleasure of being a part of the Sex Clinic, a performance by Dr. Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens at Documenta in Kassel.


At the Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic sex counselors gave free guidance to interested members of the public. Everyone was welcome to come and take us up on this offer. The qualified counselors are, for example: sex educators and therapists, pornstars, self-proclaimed healers, strippers, dominatrixes, as well as other sexworkers. As should be evident, the range of our collective understanding of sexual “expertise” was very broad.

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