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Workshops on the topics of Conscious Kink, Bondage, Massage and Tantra

I consider myself an explorer in the field of erotic and interpersonal encounters. Developing new forms of touch and creative ways of experiencing intimacy, and to experience one’s self that way, is thrilling and full of pleasure. Awareness leads to fulfillment.

My curiosity and desire to experience new things has led me to share my journeys of exploration and my knowledge with others.

In the framework of the Sacred Kink Academy, I offer workshops and seminars surrounding topics such as Conscious Kink, Kinky Tantra, touch & creativity, improvisation & bodywork, as well as surrender and desire, in Berlin as well as in and outside Germany.


Upon request I also offer individual workshops and coaching on bondage and BDSM, and/or massage sessions for individuals and small groups. Please contact me for further info.

Here you find the workshops I´m currently offering. Please click on a title for more info.

Funis corporalis
- Academy revolving around body and ropes
Rope Makes Sense
Module 1: Bones

Funis corporalis Rope Makes Sense

Rope academy
- Module 2: Flesh
Cherchez la femme
- Exploring femininity

Flesh Cherchez la femme

Earth, Wind & Fire
- Workshop series
 in Zurich
Sense & Play

Earth, Wind & Fire IMG 4898

Overpowering Kinky Playground

Uberwaltigend 350x250 Kinky Playground