The queer space in Marlen’s world!

Explore your sexual and sensual potential
. This is the space for women, lesbians, trans* and inter, as well as non-binary people.

We play, learn, touch, feel, comprehend. It is about unconditional joy in oneself, one’s own body, one’s own lust, the play with identity and desire. We work with limits and the clarity of when a yes is a yes and that a no must be accepted, but also with the potential of the space in between.

How can I enter uncharted territory?

How can I find security in the unknown? How do I build trust in myself and the people I want to be close to?
How do I deal with the need for security on the one hand and the desire to expand boundaries on the other?
What is kink? Am I kinky? Do I like to play with dominance and devotion?
How do I want to be touched? How do I negotiate this at eye level?
Am I able to let myself fall? Can I trust? How do I desire?
How do I listen to my body’s signals? How can I listen to myself while honoring the boundaries of others?


FLINT* is the acronym for women, lesbian, inter*, trans* and non-binary people.

Female socialization, sexism, homophobia, discrimination against queer individuals, and a society’s inability to understand gender as a spectrum often make it difficult for FLINT* individuals to have a fear-free, self-determined, and self-celebrating sexual self-image. This space also sees itself as a protective space – attributions to others, evaluations, body-shaming, sexual assaults and sexualized violence are not allowed here.

Of course, we all bear the imprint of the heteronormative world in which we live. In our biographies, our bodies, our thinking, and even in
our sexual phantasies. We also bring these to the workshop. This must be acknowledged and, in the same step, allowed to move as freely as possible from it or: in the best case, to play with it. 🙂

Yes, you are welcome to attend the workshop as a (cis*) woman, regardless of your sexual orientation.

Yes, you are welcome to participate in the workshop as a trans* man regardless of your sexual orientation.

Yes, you are welcome to attend the workshop as a trans* woman regardless of your sexual orientation.

Yes, you are explicitly welcome at the workshop as a non-binary or genderfluid person. However, if you are “Male Assigned At Birth”, please consult with me and the team. The focus in this workshop will be on femininities* and those people who are “Female Assigned At Birth”, i.e. who were assigned a female gender as a child. Maybe one of my other workshops is a better fit for you (see next question).

I’m glad you want to work with your feminine side and wear women’s clothes, for example. Unfortunately this workshop is no fit for you, but in my other workshops I am open to all genders and sexual orientations and encourage people to show themselves with all their sides. Genderplay is explicitly part of, for example, the workshop “Air” and the Earth, Wind & Fire Year Group and EWF Retreat.

You don’t have to take your clothes off at the workshop if you don’t want to. I only ever open spaces where people go as far as it suits them and the people they work with. This requires empathy and agreement.

Yes, the workshop is explicitly for people who want to try out and explore new territory.

Intimacy requires courage.

We form a container where a group of queer people build trust and take risks. Each and every one of us is involved in this. Magical spaces don’t just happen – we have to create them. We can create them!

The three progressive weekends are based on the structure of Marlen’s sessions: In the first part (see: Workshop Earth) we arrive within ourselves and within the group, the focus is on bodywork – closeness, distance, consent, communication, skin, weight, nourishment. The second part (see: Workshop Water) is about the art of bondage by the method of Kristina Marlen. In the third part (see: workshops: Fire, Air) we work with elements from BDSM play, Sensation Play, Fantasies and more.

Let’s celebrate. Let’s play.


PART 1: Body Work and Communication
Place: UHU – Urban Healing Unit
Time: Friday: 7 pm – 10 pm | Saturday: 11 am – 8 pm | Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm

PART 2: The Art of Ropes
Place: IKSK – Institut fĂĽr Körperforschung und sexuelle Kultur
Time: Friday: 5 pm – 10 pm | Saturday 11 am – 8 pm | Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm

PART 3: Elements of BDSM
Place: IKSK – Institut fĂĽr Körperforschung und sexuelle Kultur
Time: Friday: 5 pm – 10 pm | Saturday 11 am – 8 pm | Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm

All workshops can also be booked individually.

COSTS (per workshop/per person)
Solidarity Rate: 380 Euro or a higher amount of your choice
Normal Rate: 350 Euro
Budget Rate: 300 Euro


All fields marked with a (*) are required to be filled out.

Please select the “Solidarity Rate” if you: Earn well to very well / Feel financially secure / have sufficient fiancial reserves / you can afford to enjoy several such experiences or (short) holidays a year / you find my work worth supporting. You are contributing to my planning security and possibilities, thus contributing to long-term preservation and expansion of my offer. You also enable me to show solidarity and offer cheaper prices for low-income earners.

Please select the “Normal Rate” if you: Have mediocre earnings / Can build up reserves / You can afford to enjoy 1-2 such experiences or (short) holidays a year.

Please select the “Budget Rate” if you: Have no regular income / earn very little / you could not afford such an experience at the normal rate. If you need an installment payment, please contact me and we will see what is possible.

Through years of feedback, I know about the healing and life-affirming effects that can follow from participating in what I offer. I want to keep access open to as many people as possible, because especially in structurally economically disadvantaged groups, there is often a particularly high need for sexual healing and self-empowerment. Through solidarity pricing and appreciation on the part of financially better off allies, magical spaces can be opened up for those who would otherwise have to stand in front of the door. Thank you for your support!

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weitere workshops


Die ist die Möglichkeit, die Elemente Deines sexuellen Potentials zu erforschen.


Erde ist die Mutter, die Basis fĂĽr die Arbeit von Marlen.


Wasser steht fĂĽr GefĂĽhl und ein StĂĽck tiefer sinken.


Schmerz, Präsenz und Lust.


Wir öffnen uns mehr und mehr dem Material, das Ihr mitbringt!


Shibari oder Kinbaku – das ist die Kunst der japanischen Seilbondage.


Empfindest du dich als weiblich? Bist du eine Frau?


Die Welt des Tantra und die Welt des BDSM erscheinen nur auf den ersten Blick weit voneinander entfernt.


Rough Body Play – wir experimentieren mit intensivem Körpereinsatz.


Ein Nachmittag fĂĽr alle, die gerne an den Grenzen spielen.