I wrote this article for our newspaper “taz”

It got published 4th of july 2018. As some of my friends and followers do not speak german, there you go!


Philosopher Svenja Flaßpöhler argues for more female desire in her newly published book "The Potent Woman", positioning herself as an antagonist of the #metoo movement. That's a shame, because that way, we miss yet another chance to talk about the sexually self-determined woman. 

Several weeks ago, I was delighted by a quote I came across: "A potent woman is one who has discarded patriarchal thought patterns. One who has her own desires. And isn't limited to be a mirror of male desire and to affirm him in his grandiosity. Instead of degrading male sexuality, she upgrades her own."

The quote is from philosopher Svenja Flaßpöhler's just published essay "The Potent Woman". Flaßpöhler has been attacked by feminists for the book, for in it, she positions herself as an antagonist of the #metoo movement. Which, according to Flaßpöhler, continues to uphold the patriarchal narrative of the woman as victim of aggressive male sexuality. Flaßpöhler argues for a more forward definition of femininity: women must grasp and live their own potency, instead of persisting in a passive position of accusation. She misses the active woman, the seductress, she sees in #metoo "a conspicuous absence of female desire".

Today (1 July 2017) the Prostitutes “Protection” Act is passed. Thoughts on a somber day

For my non-german speaking friends & colleagues, if you are interested about the new law on prostituition and thoughts about germany´s liberality. (HERE the original in german.)


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A little over a week ago I was the happiest sexworker in Germany. I had the pleasure of being a part of the Sex Clinic, a performance by Dr. Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens at Documenta in Kassel.


At the Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic sex counselors gave free guidance to interested members of the public. Everyone was welcome to come and take us up on this offer. The qualified counselors are, for example: sex educators and therapists, pornstars, self-proclaimed healers, strippers, dominatrixes, as well as other sexworkers. As should be evident, the range of our collective understanding of sexual “expertise” was very broad.

“What is a Vagina?”, that was a subheading in Dr. Ingeborg Kraus' lecture on December 3rd, 2017, as part of an event at the Urania in Berlin: "Sex Work - The Myth Shattered". The lecture's title: "Is the Vagina Allowed to Be Working Equipment?"

what is a vagina
"(...) Can the vagina be reduced to the tube of a vacuum cleaner? It isn't possible anatomically or psychologically. The vagina, and by that I mean the female sexual organs, can't be separated from the female body. Just the opposite, it is a highly sensitive organ which is connected to our brain and our whole body. It is the most intimate thing a woman possesses."
I'll admit to becoming suspicious when someone is explaining the world - or in this case, my body - to me. Especially when that person is an opponent of prostitution.

missy frauen kaufen sex

Marlen's recent article on her experiences as a sex worker: Female sex work clients – do they really exist?

 By Kristina Marlen


At the end of the session, the last woman who came to see me was melting like butter. She was constantly reaching her vulva towards me, crying “That’s so hot, so hot! I can’t stand it. Keep going, keep going!“. Then she reared up again fiercely, bucking back and forth a couple of times, reaching a magnificent orgasm, ejaculating all over my hand.

Another regular is always very quiet. She likes most of all to be tied up, tightly, for a long time. At the beginning I wasn’t even sure whether she wanted to be fucked or not. When I asked her, she just looked at me silently, then nodded earnestly. Even when it does happen, she is usually very quiet. If she is lying on her stomach, she’ll moan and drool a little into the pillow. When she has an orgasm, I only feel it because her pussy clenches tightly and her bottom tenses.


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Part 1: Tantra - no differentiation between sacred and profane?

140930 Tantra Seil 0415 kleinOn the 1st of July 2017 the Prostitutes “Protection” Act was passed. This law with a deceiving name now forces individuals that work professionally with sexuality to abide by new regulations and ordinances. Both the operators of prostitution sites as well as individuals will be massively hindered by these stipulations. The introduction of a registration requirement for prostitutes (the so-called “whore ID card,” to be completed by 1 January 2018 the latest), especially gives doubt as to if this law is supposed to really be about protection as the name suggests or if it is nothing more than a step for extensive control and surveillance of sexworkers.