Whore in Quarantine

Whore in Quarantine - How long will it take us to reclaim the achievements we reached in matters of public sex?

22. March, 2021|

What The Church Can Learn From Sex Workers

For a moment there, it looked like a sexual revolution was taking place at this year's "Kirchentag" (church congress). Instead, I had to listen to the idea that women shouldn't be surprised about assault if they wear tight clothes and put on makeup.

3. November, 2019|

F*CK! I’m a Ghost

This article was written November 2018 . Its a critique to a weird and repressive discourse about female* sexuality which is taking place currently in written and spoken word in Germany. It is now translated by David Bloom, thanks! Swiss TV channel SRF organized a philosophical round table to deal with the question of whether it's allowed to pay for sex. First of all, thank you to my colleague and only sex worker at the table, Salome Balthus, for keeping your poise, even though you had even predicted the possibility of losing it during the discussion. I tip my hat to you, it didn't happen.

26. January, 2019|



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