Here you will find links to people and places that have inspired, influenced and taught me along my journey.


Colleagues and friends to whom I feel very attached for various reasons. To whom I am deeply grateful for the self-confidence, the esprit, the sex and the desire with which they understand and perform their work, each with an inimitable signature.

Tantra & Sexological Work
Queer Porn
Magical Places
Sexpositive Therapists
Sex Work Organizations

Between mystification and vilification: Important contributions on the topic of sex work, sexual services and around the political demands of sex workers, can be found here, among others.
Collection of scientific research on sex work in Germany
Scientific research on sexual exploitation and human trafficking in South Korea and worldwide
Critical online magazine by historian and sex work researcher Sonja Dolinsek
Heath Pennington is a Fellow at the University of California Santa Barbara researching BDSM cultures and practices at the intersections of performance studies, queer, gender, and affect theories.