I consider myself an explorer in the field of erotic and interpersonal encounters. Developing new forms of touch and creative ways of experiencing intimacy, and to experience one’s self that way, is thrilling and full of pleasure.

Awareness leads to fulfillment. My curiosity and desire to experience new things has led me to share my journeys of exploration and my knowledge with others.

I offer workshops and seminars on the topics of sexual research, risk-conscious BDSM, bondage and tantra, consensus, touch and intimacy, improvisation and body work in Berlin and within and outside Germany.

Upon request I also offer individual workshops and coaching on bondage and BDSM, and/or massage sessions for individuals and small groups. Please contact me for further info. Please contact me.

Next workshop dates:

After 8 years of workshop practice, together with other workshop teachers, I started to think about how to deal with structural inequality in our courses. One result of this process I give you here. I am looking forward to your feedback.

Strategies of Sensitization
Here you find the workshops I#m currently offering.
Workshop series
“Earth, Wind, & Fire” gives you the opportunity to develop your sexual potential over the course of a year.
Plan your kinky time-out with a group that surrenders to mindfulness, connection, and exploration.
Earth is the mother, the base of Marlen’s work.
Water represents emotion and allowing yourself to fall deeper.
Pain, presence, and lust. Like a magic triangle, these elements weave in and out of many people’s fantasies, and actual sex lives, too.
Air is our free flight. On this weekend, we will open ourselves more and more to the material that you bring!
Shibari or Kinbaku is the art of Japanese rope bondage, the eroticised and ritualised form of bondage. It surely is an art because the highly complex figures seem to be reserved for those with experience and practice.
We get to know our own bodies and the bodies of our partners*, we play with rope in motion on the floor and against gravity – Rope in motion and out of Gravity.
Bondage can be sexy, aesthetic, playful, heart-opening, meditative, scary, technical, raw, or gentle. This intensive workshop is an invitation to find out what you like about it.
Do you identify as female? Are you a woman? Are you sometimes not so sure about that or do you wonder what it even means? What does that mean to you?
On first sight, the world of tantra and the world of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism) seem to be worlds apart.
Rough Body Play – we will experiment with intensive bodily effort, limits, gestures, facial expressions and voice, sensual resistance and experiencing mental and physical power.
An afternoon for everyone who enjoys playing and testing their limits.