I have been active in the Whore’s Movement since 2013, and stand up for sex workers* rights. Through my consistent focus on female self-empowerment and sexuality, communication and sensual confidence for all genders, and towards a sex-positive culture, I have been a frequent guest on panel discussions, on radio and television segments, and in newspaper articles in recent years, and have also authored texts myself.

I also go on stage as a performer of bondage, the art of Japanese rope-play, or can give my workshops also to large groups.
A combination of theory and practice allows the content to be grasped and felt right away. I’m very happy to receive invitations.

Here you can find articles and interviews about me, as well as audio and video clips.

My topics are:

  • Sex work, emancipation and sex work, feminist perspectives on sex work, self-determined sex workers, the Whore’s Movement

  • Current Legislation, 2017’s Law for the Protection of Sex Workers (ProstituiertenSchutzgesetz), critique of the so-called Nordic model

  • female sexuality, women as clients of sex work, information on female anatomy, lust and sexual desires

  • Tantra, BDSM, Bondage – what are they and how do they fit together? On devotion, giving and taking, letting go, and the magic of being held

  • Consent culture – how can I get in touch with my own desires and boundaries, and how do I communicate in, with, about, and during sex?

  • Relationships and sexuality, sexual education

  • Gender equality and sexual utopias


Deutschlandradio Kultur, taz, Tagesspiegel, Missy Magazine, WDR einslive, Frau tv (WDR), Siegessäule, BuzzFeed, Deutschlandfunk Nova), Süddeutsche Zeitung, tipBerlin, DeutschlandRadio, SWR2, Frankfurter Rundschau, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Lesbisches Auge, BZ, erosa.de, fullonlove.com, Berliner Kurier, Pornfestival Berlin, Ohlala Hurenkongress, eroticinsider.com, u.a.

I’m happy about invitations.
Please contact me at mail@marlen.me for conditions and possibilities.