Formats to Experience the Sexual

Agency for sexual confidence, sexual communication, experimentation, and self-determination.

How does sexual learning occur? How does sexual confidence bloom? How can you understand what you like, how you express and embody your sexual and sensual self, what your boundaries are and how you communicate them?

There is still no official school for sexuality and sensual body work, there are no spaces for the question of how we celebrate and craft them. There are only few spaces in which we can sense ourselves and experiment beyond everyday relations, in which we can leave (self-)censorship and taboos behind and in which we can use language openly.

My concern is to anchor bodily and sexual experience of self as a practice in everyday life. To make it a matter of course. For yourself and in relation to others.

Sensual Philosophy, my self-conception as an erotic escort

New ways of relating

In my sessions, I will offer you an extraordinary sensual and erotic experience. Erotic touch is an art, and it is my profession. Across all time periods, and across all cultures (at least, all those known to us), erotic artists, hetairai, muses, geishas, temple whores, and simple sex workers were an integral part of social life; not always appreciated and honored officially. I see myself as part of that tradition.

In my workshops, I open up a space in which you are moving with others, in a group. We create emotional security, we seize the ability to sense boundaries and communicate them. That’s how the ground grows, on which to celebrate curiosity and the joy in trying things out. No wings without roots!

Sensual Philosophy

Respect and Courage– the key to healing


We experience ourselves on a spectrum between the need to feel secure and our desires that lead us to seek adventure. I want to give space to both. Respect for one’s own boundaries as well as for the curiosity of exploring one’s own wishes and to communicate them, leads to sexual confidence and the ability to experience one’s self growing.

To experience both and bring them into contact with each other takes courage. You move. You change. You grow. You can allow others to feel you, communicate your desires, preserve your boundaries or expand them.

Body, Touch and Sexuality

Too often, we confine intimate touch to a monogamous, often heterosexual, couple. We may never allow ourselves certain wishes or fantasies, because we think they’re immoral, because they’re discredited as “perverted”, or because we don’t have anyone who’s open to simply trying them out.

Why is the sexual so often banished to a dark, in-between space? Why don’t we see sexual arousal or sexual energy as a natural, everyday part of our bodily sensation, that has just as much right to exist as do other physicalities?

If we’re hungry, we cook or go to a restaurant. We’re familiar with fast food, home cooking and haute cuisine. Gastronomy is a cultural institution and a practice.

Body, Touch and Sexuality

Why do we only allow ourselves such limited forms of celebrating our own sexual culture?

Sexuality and physicality are made taboo and subordinated in an achievement-oriented, rational world, even if they are also constantly being optimized. “Oversexed and underfucked”: in a world in which “sex sells”, thereare too few ways to tap into one’s own sexuality in a somatic way – that is, physically and consciously.

We need knowledge and stimulus in our sexual confidence, we need a practice and education for physicality and sexuality. We need new forms and formats for the sexual. That is my vision.

The point is not to differentiate between “good” and “bad” sexuality. Pornography and sexual fantasies are not expressions of “unhealthy” sexuality. I believe that the question is rather: how can we bring our various sexual and spiritual sides into contact with each other? How can bodily awareness, subtle arousal, courageous and mindful connection communicate with sexual “depravity”?

My indispensable guides on that journey are a sense of humor, loving acceptance,and playfulness.

When we start playing with the various parts of ourselves, it becomes easy. That lightness creates space for new experiences and for healing. And it’s also just fun as hell!

Touch and Sensation

Touch is essential to our life and lived experience. Our tactile sense and sensitivity to touch bring us into contact with our environment. Bodily contact is just as important to our entire lifetime development as nourishment. We can only develop while touching ourselves and the rest of the world.

We sense ourselves by “grasping” things. And we experience ourselves by being “grasped”. That is how we develop a sense of self. Each one of us develops their own individual history of touch and a particular tactile memory. That’s why being casually patted on the head evokes a different reaction in ourselves than a gentle caress, a loving embrace creates a different feeling than an assertive grip or reprimanding slap. Feelings of security, pleasure and joy, lust or yearning, as well as sadness and fear, helplessness, powerlessness or abandonment can be released in us. The whole spectrum of elementary emotions can be experienced consciously through touch.

Sinfonie der Empfindungen
Sexual Energy and Emotion
Eroticism and emotion

The multifaceted emotional nature of touch can be connected to our sexuality, and can lead to new insights, more self-confidence, deeper emotions, or just simply more pleasurable sex.

I provide space for both, for discovering one’s own receptivity to touch and the emotions that it evokes, and for its integration into play and sexuality. I use methods originating in bodywork and meditation to help you tune in and open yourself to the experience. During the sessions, I touch the whole body, use mindful sexual stimulation, or, if that is your path, elements of bondage and BDSM, to offer you an experience of devotion and letting go. I will completely respect and accept you, exactly as you are.

Each of my sessions is a celebration honoring your sensing body and the feeling, sexually sensual self, that lives within. I would like to offer you my ability to discover your sensual self through my touch and develop your sensitivity.

My sessions can be heart-opening, warming, hot, meditative, explosive, therapeutic, still, healing, sexy, pleasant, sad, familiar, stimulating, challenging, explorative, grounding, dreamy, experimental, food for thought, and much more.
Bodywork can be an archaeological discovery, the testimony of a volcano’s eruption or a view of a wide, tranquil sea.
I invite you to join me for an expedition.

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In my workshops or personal coaching sessions, you can deepen your knowledge and translate it into practice.

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