Your Heroes’ Journey to More Intimacy, Intensity and Trust

*** The new online training by and with Kristina Marlen is scheduled to have its first launch this fall ***
Join the Heroes’ Journey and integrate the magic of a liberated sexuality into your everyday life and your home. Don’t want to miss any updates and have the opportunity to participate at a discounted rate? Send an email with the subject “S*EXPLORATIONS” to mail@marlen.me and get on the interest list. I am looking forward to you!


Sexual bodywork, tantra, bondage, BDSM, kinky play

Marlen touches you. In each of my sessions, you will experience an intense encounter with a strong, sexually confident, grounded woman. I will give you an unforgettable sensual experience, and you will enjoy the magic of letting go. I will touch you with my hands and my whole body, and will play with elements of Bondage, BDSM, and Tantra. Mindfulness and ecstasy are compatible!


Classes and coaching for groups, individuals, and couples

Marlen guides you. My workshops offer space to explore, play, feel, learn.
Touch, intimacy, body work, bondage, BDSM, consent culture – playfully expand the frontiers of your sensual repertoire. I create safer spaces for all genders.

In my coaching sessions, you are invited to bring up urgent questions about your sexuality. Whether you wish to learn BDSM, Tantra, or sexual bodywork techniques, or wish to explore your own body: I will support you with empathy, knowledge, and give new impulses.


Political vision for a sexual culture

Marlen is present. Words, images, and sound. Self-determined sex work and feminist perspectives on prostitution, questions about the culture of sexuality, liberation of female* sexuality, BDSM and Tantra. “Ask a sex worker.” Performances and lectures. I’m looking forward to your invitation.

Women buying sex

„Women buying sex“ Kristina Marlen und two of her clients invited at TV program “Frau TV”.Moderator: Uschi Müller.

Marlen gives courage

Echoes of intimacy – Voices from participants of Marlen’s workshops.

Prostitute Protection Act

Between discrimination and self-empowerment: Kristina Marlen speaks about the Prostitute Protection Act and self-determined sex work.


Exploring your erotic potential, your deepest desires and wishes, is a journey. Touch and connection are fundamentally important on this path.

The way of tantra offers many possibilities to open yourself and allows you to find your own individual access to ecstasy, passion and relaxation. The world of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and Sadomasochism) may appear very different at first glance. On our journey between erotic worlds I will accompany you and linger wherever your very own primal sexual potential can best unfold.

Let me whisk you away to a world of sensual devotion and a dance of sensations. Discover your sensual side and your sexual power through my touch and find the erotic rhythm that carries you. I work with various massage techniques, with elements taken from dance, Tantra and BDSM. Throughout the whole process, I will be there for you with my entire presence, my creativity and my sensuality.

Kristina Marlen


“A journey to closeness and energy”

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing a broken vessel with gold, came to mind as I felt the energies in the room. So many emotions were released, memories were evoked, so much courage was demonstrated. And in the end, many wonderful human vessels had made healing experiences.

“Thank you for the queer power space”

Reawakening the evolutionary desire to feel, grow, reach out, activate senses, seek contact. This is precisely the kind of energy field of loving connection in which I strive to be in this world and I am noticing how I have felt calm and strong again ever since.

“You have done me so much good”

Your warmth, attention and tenderness still carry me. I think back to details and my pulse lowers, I am more relaxed, more stress resistant, laugh more often. I can’t thank you enough for that.

“Finding out how life was meant to be”

Marlen’s way of teaching bondage is truly unique. Because it is not “only” about tying, but about the person who ties up and about the person who is tied up – their senses, emotions and minds. After this workshop, you will never use rope like you did before.

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