Sexuality sometimes raises many questions!
As much as we would love to simply enjoy “the most beautiful thing in the world” – sometimes we have urgent questions, problems, wishes, blockages, challenges, doubts, patterns, or simply a sense of not having enough skills to fully enter into our own sexual potential.
I am deeply convinced that the desire to develop sexually is embedded in everyone.

Since starting to explore wishes, motivations and phantasies surrounding their sexuality with people, I have had two major roles: I’ve been a fullfiller of wishes. obviously. But I am also a guide, leading them through the sometimes very intense processes that naturally accompany dealing with those desires. This ranges from sensitization, changing sexual patterns, integrating new sexual room for maneuver and learning new techniques to relationship counseling and the accompanying of emotional processes.

I work with singles, couples, other relationship constellations, and groups.
My space is open to all genders and sexual orientations.

These are a few examples of my coaching work:

  • Conveying/Learning sensual and sexual touch for people with penises and people with vulvas: inspiring couples who want more from sex than penetration, for those who wish to work professionally with touch, or who are simply curious explorers.

  • Conveying massage techniques, qualities of touch, and embodiment

  • Learning BDSM Techniques:flogging, clamps, wax, sex toys, restriction, playing with dominance

  • Learning bondage – tying ropes: basics, attention to one’s own body, and the body of one’s partner while tying, single-rope techniques, more complex bondage including suspensions, decorative bondage, inner alignment and intention while tying

  • For women*: how do you find your female* dominance?

  • Generally for people who have been socialized female, and all women*: I am especially open to your questions

  • Giving and Taking– how do I get what I want from sex? How can I integrate different sexual needs into my relationship? How can I find my own desires and formulate them? How can I set boundaries?

  • Somatic research. There are often no simple solutions to questions about orgasm, libido, arousal, erections, premature orgasm, no orgasm, hormonal transitions, and bodily changes, for instance through menopause, medication, or operations, and simply talking about it may not be enough. The physical dimension is missing!
    Combining conversation with physical touch, concrete research, and communicating about it, can help you to…

    • access new dimensions of your sensitivity
    • discover more about your body
    • recognize old patterns and sense their origins
    • reclaim aspects of yourself that have been split off
    • establish new possibilities of behavior and change (self-empowerment)
  • An open ear for everything that you might find weird or shameful about your sexuality, that may trouble you or cause sleepless nights because you don’t feel that you can confide in anyone. You can’t imagine the things I’ve seen and heard. I will open up a fearless space where you can encounter your desires and fantasies, and won’t judge you. Together, we can discover ways to make those desires come true, or explore the needs behind them.*

  • Relationship issues: No more desire? Sex not working anymore? Never worked to begin with? You have blind spots? You need inspiration? You need to reconcile your differences? You’re looking to rediscover your common ground? You want to experiment with BDSM? You have questions about relationship structures such as polyamory, open relationships, and play partners?
    How can you find commitment and depth in your daily life again? Empathy and letting go as essential qualities of intimacy. I believe in the power of relationship!

  • Emotional counseling and processing. All emotions leave traces in the body and can emerge particularly through touch, intense bodily experiences, and sexuality. Mindful attention can bring things to the surface that were split off before. Closeness and intimacy are spaces of vulnerability and memory, too. I am open to all emotional aspects that come up for you while exploring your sexuality.
    My approach is to be present with everything that wishes to show itself, and to gently guide you back to the possibilities of your experience and your power in the here and now.

*Note – Disclaimer

My coaching isn’t a replacement for therapy, in the strict sense. I am not qualified to treat psychiatric disorders, life-threatening crises, or compulsive behavior, and if necessary, would put you in contact with therapists I trust. I can appeal to the active, brave and responsible part in you, make offers to it and invite it. To experience that can be deeply healing and therapeutic.

I am a registered physiotherapist and have no recognized psychotherapeutic education – but I do have many years of experience dealing with sexual, physical, and human issues, including trauma. In my experience, I have fewer reservations about explicit content than many (speech-based) therapists. If you are already in therapy, working with me can also be a great complement to that!

I don’t presume to know your solution or to “heal” you. My offer is that we can start traveling a path of exploration together. In my experience, the first step is to relax into what is present, and to allow yourself to be there with it. I offer a space of resonance for that. The second step is movement. The stress that comes from not being allowed to be as you are is almost always detrimental to growth. Relaxation offers a space for transformation – you will grow anyway, if you allow yourself to do so. I will support you with my knowledge, my touch, my sensitivity, and the impulses I give.



Initial conversation, more in-depth talk after a session, relationship issues, “open your heart”, counseling, psychological guidance and coaching, couple’ consultations and counseling

per hour ………. € 250.00

Sometimes a process needs several appointments to be successful. That’s why I offer the following packages:

5 x 60 minutes………. € 1200,00

10 x 60 Minutes…….. € 2300,00

*all prices incl 19% VAT

  • please note that I offer discounts for low earners, especially for women/queer people/BiPoC! Please contact me directly:


The Prices here are based on my sessions and their pricing, “Earth”, for instance.

Other packages are also possible! Example: Coaching in connection with somatic work and/or sessions. This will complete your journey and your (physical) experiences will be able to have a secure framework. Please contact me:

For low-income earners, especially for women, queer people, BiPoC I offer discounts.


Miniworkshop – approx. 3-4 hours ……………………….. € 600.00
day-long workshop, 6-8 hours (with breaks) ………. € 1200.00 for individuals and couples

These workshops are also ideal for small groups. You have a group of friends or couples you are friends with who are interested in these topics? Get organized! Learning together is more fun, divides the costs, and leaves you with partners to practice with afterwards. Pricing depends on the number of participants and the duration of the workshop.

*all prices incl. VAT 19%

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