Lesbian Sex Work: Women as Clients (2021)

Today, over 50% of the guests I welcome in my studio are female – I am especially honored by this trust, because for women it is unfortunately still often considered unthinkable to enjoy sexual services. One of my regular female clients and I invited Svenja Kellershohn from WDR/ARD to the preparation of our session and talked to her for this TV report.

Sex Work is Peace Work: In Dialogue with Veit Lindau (2021)

In his podcast “Alles Menschen” I talk with Veit about what true gender liberation might look like, about dignified sexuality, self-love, the dark side of patriarchy, fluid genders, and the important role of sex work in our culture. About turning away from shame and guilt and about the healing power of a liberating sexuality.

Teaser: Right to Sex? Discussion about sex purchase ban (2021)

In February I was invited to a zoom-talk with researcher Susanne Dodillet and sex work opponent Sabine Constabel from SISTERS e.V. See the long version on YouTube or Vimeo. Editing:

Voices and feedback from Kristina Marlen’s workshops (2020)

Gratitude is a cycle! Thank you! ☄️💥 Here are the voices of the participants in my annual training „Earth, Wind and Fire“. Teaching is for me an extended form of playing. That’s how we learn.

Fragile spaces

Am 18.06.2018 war ich bei Tanja Rommler (Die Möglichmacherin) und Daniel (Liebensfreude) in der Veranstaltungsreihe Sexpositiv (6+) in Freiburg zu Gast.

Women buying sex – “Frau tv”

Women paying for sex. More and more women are using the services of sex workers. Kristina Marlen talked to german tv about it. About her motives, about her experiences. Author: Uschi Müller.

“Instant Intimacy” Pornfimfestival Berlin 2017

With the support of my fabulous team I had the opportunity to create “Instant Intimacy” again. Instant Intimacy is an interactive bondage performance. I tie up people from the audience.
Thanks to Alex Zampini, who played music live on location, W3ndy and Freia, my team, for camera and editing, Jeff Coons for final editing and of course Jan Pelao for the super cool music you can hear on the clip.
And last but not least the brave bondage partners Vassilia, Rico and Jo Pollux.

Bondage Performance at Schwelle 7

Here is a video of my bondage performance during the “Borbala Szente is dead” performance at Schwelle 7, Berlin on May 28, 2014. Thanks to Alex Zampini for this high-quality documentary and of course thanks to Renée, the beautiful horse…

Kristina Marlen about German law in prostitution

At Brent Groff’s Day Show about German law in prostitution and the seal of approval for brothels.

A right to sex? Discussion about sex purchase ban (2021)

In February I was invited to a zoom-talk with researcher Susanne Dodillet and sex work opponent Sabine Constabel from SISTERS e.V. See the teaser to this video on YouTube or Vimeo. Editing:

Kristina Marlen about German law in prostitution


Finally – the best panel of the year on prostitution and law


Must bourgeois society be protected from prostitutes? Why is it concealed that prostitution takes place in the middle of society? Why are women denied the ability to deal with erotic capital? What is the sexual culture behind dealing with sex workers? What can a self-determined sex work look like?

These are the questions that concern me. Click on the preview image to learn more.

Kristina Marlen about German law in prostitution

5 experts speak on the new prostitution “protection” law
they shed light on the background, the practical implications, data protection issues and the mystery of why prostitutes must actually always be controlled for their “protection”. Contributions to the debate that would otherwise go unheard.
“Precarious Bodies” – a panel discussion within the framework of the festival “Body Talks” feat. by Missy Magazine.
With Sonja Dolinsek (HU Berlin), Tanja Sommer (sex worker, BeSD), Sybille Homt (public health department Dresden), Dr. Bärbel Uhl (data protection lawyer), Kristina Marlen (sex worker, BesD), moderator : Mithu M. Sanyal, author

The complete recording of the discussion can be found HERE.

What sex workers contribute to #metoo – Josefa Nereus in conversation with Kristina Marlen

What do #metoo and #sexwork have in common? And what not? I had a fabulous conversation with Josefa Nereus about boundaries, consensuality, being a whore as a vocation and – Ronja robber’s daughter (now with English subtitles).

Instant Intimacy Performance at PornFilmFestival Berlin 2015

A short documentation of “Instant Intimacy”. Bondage Performance at PornFilmFestival Berlin 2015.
Instant Intimacy is an interactive performance installation.
Kristina Marlen ties up members of the audience.

Modelle: Ronya, Gerard X. Reyes, Lello Li
Camera: Claudia Richarz
Music: Jan Stolterfoht aka Jan Pelao
Editing: Jeff Coons

Have a look at my performance “Instant Intimacy”

Here is a short preview of my performances “Instant Intimacy”, which I do at different events in several cities.
You can be part of it! In my calendaryou will find the next dates.

Many thanks to my model Bori and everyone involved in the video.