A massage which dances itself – body to body dialogue

Earth is the mother, the base, for my sessions as well. We’ll start with an attunement that will give you the possibility to leave your everyday life behind. After that I’ll massage you with warm oil, but not only will I use my hands, but my whole body.

Session Earth

The massage is a dance of sensations. I will explore your body, its form and texture, its density and fragility. I will travel on the landscape of your body, your skin, your hair, periphery and centre. Your body will carry mine, its breath and heartbeat, its impulses and the rhythm that carries me. You’ll feel my weight, my breath, a flow is coming to life, captivating both of us. I’m there for you with all my attention and empathy. Bodies are able to tell stories, when they’re touched.

Sometimes you can hear a foot sigh or a chest rejoice, when it’s being circled slowly. I will travel the landscape of your body, heights and valleys longing to be explored. Sometimes they will fit each other perfectly, a waist on the gentle rounding of the buttocks, the tip of the nose behind an ear. Each dimple of the body wants to be explored and can be an unexpected source of very special experiences. Not only towards the end of the massage, but then even more intense I’ll take the time for an intimate massage that can lead us to the climax of your passion.

The session can contain a prostate/ anal massage. This zone is often leading a shadowy existence, yet it can be the place of intimate emotions. For many this is a source of special pleasure. I’m inviting you to rediscover this place. Depending on your preference I can either be very careful and tentative or intensely explorative. The use of toys of your choice is also possible.

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