Mixed Wrestling

Do you sometimes fantasize about being physically overpowered at the mercy of a woman? Do you fantasize about being restrained by strong thighs that render you unable to move?
You can literally smell and feel her weight, how she sits on you when she has hunted you down – how she takes your breath away and plays with you as she sees fit?

Mixed Wrestling

You are excited at the idea of being inferior to a woman and being taken away from her?
Erotic wrestling and overwhelming are among my favorite games. With my height of 183 cm I am at eye level in any case and possibly I even look down on you. I am in very good shape and have a lot of physical strength. I love to use my body and various techniques to tame you and I adore strength trial.
I am interested in the erotic elements of strength trial.
I like the humor that comes out of fighting, the wantonness, the immediate expression. And of course I like to win – to sit on your body and live out my female strength.

I especially like to combine fighting and overpowering sessions with subsequent bondage. After one’s ‘victim’ is unable to offer any resistance, wouldn’t it make total sense to render them totally powerless?
After you have fully surrendered, you are at my complete mercy.

In a preliminary conversation we will clarify what qualities you are looking for in fighting, we will talk about safety and limits as well as about what we enjoy most.
Erotic wrestling can become part of an “Air-Let’s fly” session with me.

NOTE: This offer is currently only available to a limited extent. If you are interested, please contactmail@marlen.me

Please note that I am not a martial artist or a professional wrestler. For a “real” showdown and the desire to be “really” overwhelmed, turn to ladies who offer this in focus. I may be less strong than you in real life. You have to be able to modify your strength and get involved in the game.