Touchable Marlen

I lead and you melt. And vice versa.

In most of my sessions you have the opportunity to dive fully into the qualities of surrender and of letting go. I guide you, and you melt. The clarity in our allocation of roles gives you the chance to savour these qualities fully.
I also enjoy being touched and am a deeply sensuous person. When we communicate about this in advance, there can be the possibility to “switch”, meaning that we change our roles and you can take over the leading part, for a while.

Touchable Marlen

For this, you do not need to have any special skills, but you need to be willing to communicate with me: I give you feedback on how your touch feels for me. In most moments, my breath, voice, and movement show you clearly, if you are on the right path. Do I purr like a cat and do I sprawl sensually in front of you, under you or on top of you? If in doubt, I will definitely take the chance to correct you and to instruct you on how to get me going. For who wants to be groping in the dark, when it is all about bringing lust and pleasure to the other person? In the area of BDSM I definitely also like to find myself on the other end of the rope, of the paddle, and of the power gap. Please note that I am not so very much of a submissive person, but that I definitely like to be tied and that I am open to the experience of pain, intensity, and lust. I am very flexible and can be fixated in adventurous and aesthetic positions. Most of all, I enjoy having virtuous Sex: use your hands, your tongue and whatever else you have, to bring me into a state of ecstasy.

Also, I do have a heart for “absolute beginners”. If you feel very nervous and unsure, or when you have never touched a woman before and don’t know how to enter the realms of sexual encounters: We can approach this step by step. Sexual self confidence does need practise.

If you would like to meet touchable Marlen, mention this when you contact me for a session to make sure that we communicate about this, talk about boundaries, possibilities, Safer Sex, and that we will have a wonderful time. I look forward to being with you.

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