Creating sensual realities

States of trance are a natural occurrence in intensive sessions and have been an essential part of my work for many years.

However, during a training with my colleague Undine de Rivière from Hypnokink.de, I also discovered the joy of purposefully directing trances and utilizing them for my pleasure and that of my vis-a-vis. At your request, we can, for example, incorporate waking trances or post-hypnotic triggers into the session, intensify your body awareness, anchor feelings of submission, or play with orgasm control.

Please note that I do not hold a certified hypnosis coach qualification and do not offer any hypnotherapeutic services. I consider elements from Erotic Hypnosis as part of my toolkit – as well as techniques from tantra, contemplation, meditation, inner focus and concentration – to enhance the sensual experience in my sessions.

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