Bondage and massage – the path of diving deeply

Sensual devotion is leaving us vulnerable and helpless, because we’re open and touchable and in this touchability almost a bit powerless. If this is the feeling that causes you special pleasure or you have the impression that it’s hard for you to let go and indulge in the massage, then you’re in good hands in this session.

Session Water

I work with elements of bondage, the art of erotic rope tying.
When your body is bound, your mind becomes still. Set free from the compulsion of having to do something, you’ll have the possibility to reach a state of being very similar to medidation or even trance. Your receptivity, your ability to perceive, is enhanced many times over. Being bound means on the one hand to feel held and secure in a special way, at the same time you reveal yourself more, give away parts of your self-control, show yourself.

At the same time you show more of yourself, you give up parts of your self control, you show yourself. Feelings of subjection and humiliation can be part of the experience. Yet, I never force these, but accompany you with loving care and empathy. I will lead you in this state and thus create a sensual experience.

The sweet moment of submission is especially precious to me, being a central focus in this ritual. Being held in that experience is one of the magical experiences we can have as human beings.
I also enjoy a lot to work with suspensions, partially or fullsuspensions.
Experience being out of gravity; floating but being save in my hands, my attention and my care.

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