In this podcast episode, I talk with cultural scientist Mithu Sanyal about the working conditions in sex work, the relationship between clients and sex workers, and the recurring question of freewill concerning this profession.

Can sex work be feminist? What does gender inclusive sex work look like? Can sex work in patriarchy really be voluntary and self-determined? And what does “voluntary” mean in capitalism anyway? Do sex workers really have to be super passionate about their work all the time? Or can we judge sex work like any other profession that is primarily meant to pay our rent?

I have been radically moved by these topics since the beginning of my work. And I am so very happy that the wonderful LILA PODCAST has tackled the topic here with us in such a broad and differentiated way and is bringing real movement into thinking about this!

I am especially thrilled to be in this memorable episode together with Mithu. We both share a history and friendship of several years and an insatiable desire to rewrite feminist narratives around sexuality, self-determination, and gender images.

You can listen here …