Eloquent conversations, sparkling drinks, unwinding, gentle sensory delight - and shameless hedonism.

What would the perfect time with me look like for YOU?

Thanks to many years of experience I know that intense erotic highlights need one thing above all: TIME. Time to get in tune. Time to allow yourself to embrace your desires. Time to build your trust in me. Time to ground yourself. Time to take off, fly high, dive deep, sail far, surf wild. Time to land again.

For the pleasure seekers and explorers among you, who would like to treat themselves to a particularly intense encounter, I expanded my offers. So that together with you I can take the time – to meet your wishes and needs in a most customized way. Let’s explore your fantasies, tap into new dimensions of your sexuality, let our bodies and senses enter into dialogue with each other.

Held by my ropes, submitting to my will, or as equal accomplices, guided by my empathy and experience.

Be welcome.