sex worker and pastor in dialogue

What gives you strength? What do you believe in? What is sacred to you? Can sex be religious worship, bringing you closer to yourself and your power, or even to a universal power?

When I was invited to speak as a sex worker at the Evangelical Church Congress in 2019, the word REVOLUTION flashed brightly behind my forehead. The #metoo debate was in full swing. As an expert on transgressive experiences, I stood at the podium of an institution that is generally associated with hostility towards bodies and sex and with rigid moral concepts.

In my work spirituality takes a big place – sexuality can heal, liberate, give strength, be uplifting. The fruits of contemplation, meditation, centering, the power of loving compassion can find expression as part of a liberated, open sexuality as much as in traditional forms of “worship.”

The Krautreporter published my text “What the church can learn from sex workers” shortly afterwards and the responses were many. Susanne Richter – protestant pastor and host at “Church in NDR” – invited me for an interview.

We asked each other questions about our professions: what do a pastor and a sex worker potentially have in common? Under what conditions can sex be an act of worship, perhaps even of enlightening? What gives us strength, what makes us believe and – what is sacred to us?

Listen to my thoughts on the matter in the new episode of SinnSuche podcast: Episode 6 with Kristina Marlen

Happy Easter!

PS: The first conversation between Susanne Richter and I was published in 2019 as a radio-interview for the NDR show “Am Anfang war das Wort” (“In the beginning was the Word”) – listen here.