Concentrated knowledge at the Faithfulness 2.0 Online Congress: Numerous experts speak about sexuality, love and relationships and new videos go online every day! As an invited speaker, I got to share my perspectives around faithfulness, feminism, and sex work in a great conversation with Ottokar Lehrner.

To whom are you faithful and in what way? What is love? What promises of happiness do you pursue and why?

What are your agreements and arrangements, what nourishes your heart? And what does it all look like from a feminist perspective? If we want commitment and trust in relationships, but don’t want to associate love with sexual possessiveness – what does “faithfulness” look like today?

What has taken the place of bourgeois dictates about the heterosexual, monogamous relationship between two people? Is monogamy yesterday’s news or does it not continue to be the most featured relationship model in terms of inheritance and family law – as advertised ad nauseam in all the media? Can you escape the “advertising drum” and make your own decisions for your happiness?

My contribution to Faithfulness 2.0. Online Congress is called “Perspectives: Faithfulness – Feminism – Sex Work” and goes online on the 6th day of the congress (November 27). For participants, the interviews of the previous day are available until 10:00 am the next day*.

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Picture: Faithfulness 2.0 Online Congress

* For those who do not have time to participate live, the “Congress Package” offers unlimited access to all videos (one-time costs).