An exclusive space for women, lesbians, trans* , inter and non-binary people Explore your sexual and sensual potential.

In three consecutive weekends we go through different qualities of touch, experiment with our senses, closeness and distance, allow ourselves to connect to our feelings and establish a culture of communication. Then we go further and work with elements of bondage and BDSM play. Embodiment is the basis for realizing your fantasies.

We play, learn, touch, feel, comprehend. It is about unconditional joy in oneself, one’s own body, one’s own lust, the play with identity and desire. We work with limits and the clarity of when a yes is a yes and that a no must be accepted, but also with the potential of the space in between.

Intimacy requires courage. We form a container where a group of queer people build trust and take risks. Each and every one of us is involved in this. Magical spaces don’t just happen – we have to create them. We can create them!

Let’s celebrate. Let’s play.

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26. – 27.06.21 – CELEBRATING FLINT* – part 1, Berlin
31.07. – 01.08.21 – CELEBRATING FLINT* – part 2, Berlin
21. – 22.08.21 – CELEBRATING FLINT* – part 3, Berlin
02. – 03.10.21 – CELEBRATING FLINT* – part 4, Berlin

Place: Beautiful seminary house in Berlin Neukölln

Costs for single booking: 320 Euro per workshop

For participants of all FLINT* workshops: The cost for you is 300 Euro per workshop. Attention: As FLINT* core group we meet additionally on the Fridays before the above mentioned dates.

Discount on request. Further information and registration via: