One of my first political visions was: Truly self-determined and fair sex work offered by and accessible to all genders! But why do women and queer people often do not advance to this point?

Female desire, female lust remains a taboo. The women who seek me out wonder beforehand: Am I even allowed to do this? Do I have “permission” to desire sexuality independent of relationship or love? And who ought to give me permission?

I had a long conversation with hosts Bine and Bibi about women clients, sessions, communication, setting boundaries, sex work skills, practice from my coaching and teachings and much more.

Listen & enjoy -> Ep. 32 “Lesbische Sexarbeit” (Lesbian Sexwork) on Spotify

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left: Kristina Marlen & Jasko Fide by Siwa Erotic Photography
container: Kristina Marlen & Anneke by Merav Maroody
collage: workshop with Kristina Marlen