Exploring Femininity

Do you feel female? Are you a woman? Are you sometimes not so sure about that or do you wonder what it even means? What does that mean to you?

Wonderful, then you’ve come to the right place. The feminine – a mythical place, an honoured, flattered and fought being.

Where do you locate your femininity? In the body, in physicality, in body regions? How do you express it? In an attitude, in motion, in feelings? In your thinking, your language, your sexuality, your relationships or the form of your relationship?

Workshop Femininity

What images and fantasies do you have of femininity? What do you love about being female, what do you quarrel with, what obstructs you? What do you mean by femininity? Do you rate femininity? How do you connect your femininity with the world? Does it influence your desire? Do you find femininity attractive?

We search for and find, explore and experience ourselves within the parameters of femininity.
In a room with other women we explore femininity. We will feel, think, speak, and play womanhood. We will feel out our desires, we will uncover, dismiss, and embody identities. We will explore both facets of your personality and the potentials of our group.

We work with the methods from sexological bodywork, massage, and contact improvisation and employ elements of formation and play. Archetypes and everyday personas will lead us to discard clichés or to manifest ourselves into genuine heroines. As a participant, you are warmly invited to join us in the co-construction of the workshop. The framework of the program will be made whole by the interests, knowledge, and experiences of the group.

The goals of the workshop are to feel satisfyingly and wholly embodied, to call into question and widen both your own and others’ notions of womanhood, and to expand your own choices within womanhood.
Intended for all that identify as female.


There are currently no dates scheduled for this event. You want to organize this workshop or another workshop with me? Feel free to contact me. Small groups and private events are also possible.

Further information and registration


Through years of feedback, I know about the healing and life-affirming effects that can follow from participating in what I offer. I want to keep access open to as many people as possible, because especially in structurally economically disadvantaged groups, there is often a particularly high need for sexual healing and self-empowerment. Through solidarity pricing and appreciation on the part of financially better off allies, magical spaces can be opened up for those who would otherwise have to stand in front of the door. Thank you for your support!

* Please select the “Solidarity Rate” if you:
Earn well to very well / Feel financially secure / have sufficient fiancial reserves / you can afford to enjoy several such experiences or (short) holidays a year / you find my work worth supporting. You are contributing to my planning security and possibilities, thus contributing to long-term preservation and expansion of my offer. You also enable me to show solidarity and offer cheaper prices for low-income earners.

** Please select the “Normal Rate” if you:
Have mediocre earnings / Can build up reserves / You can afford to enjoy 1-2 such experiences or (short) holidays a year.

*** Please select the “Budget Rate” if you:
Have no regular income / earn very little / you could not afford such an experience at the normal rate. If you need an installment payment, please contact me and we will see what is possible.

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