Bodies in dialogue

Workshop Earth

Earth is the mother, the base of Marlen’s work.
In this first module of the series, we will work purely with the body – Experiences become more spectacular when you heighten your capacity for sensation – instead of the intensity of stimulation. We will manage without toys or tools, and will rely completely on intuition, impulses, and the body’s ability to create balance and communication, if we let it.

Movement and stillness, arrival and departure, attraction and repulsion, curiosity, seduction, guidance and freedom. Intimacy and loss. Shy and forward, sensitive and strong, flowing and with interruptions – that is how we can approach various aspects of our potential to act and feel, on our own and with others.

We will work with the core elements of Marlen’s sessions: elements of contact improvisation, bodywork, Body-Mind-Centering, massage, meditation, and conversation.
We will work on our own, in pairs, and as a group and will develop creative forms of bodywork on each other.

n the workshop, Marlen will convey the concrete techniques of her method, combining tantric massage with contact improvisation. This allows those giving to massage not only with their hands, but with their whole bodies. In addition, there are countless possibilities of moving, turning, and holding your partner during the session, creating an unforgettable sensation of security and trust. The massage becomes a unique dance between the giver and the receiver.
Marlen will teach some of the tried and tested sequences from her work of many years, and will guide you to develop new paths yourself.
If the scope of the workshop and the group process invite it, intimate massage for all sexes will be taught as well.

The weekend is inspired by Marlen’s session Earth

The first weekend “Earth” is for getting to know and warming up with each other and with the group.
Then you can decide whether you want to be there in the whole cycle.


12 – 16 June 2020, Cologne

Fri, 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm, Sat 11 am– 7/8 pm, Sun 10 am – 6 pm

IIn the southern city of Cologne, centrally located, very close to the beautiful banks of the Rhine, gastronomy, culture, overnight accommodations.
More information to follow.

The modules can be booked individually or as an entire cycle. People who register for the whole year group get a discount.

320 €, 300 € (discount)

Discount for low earners on request!

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“Earth, Wind, & Fire” gives you the opportunity to develop your sexual potential over the course of a year.


Earth is the mother, the base of Marlen’s work.


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Pain, presence, and lust.


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Rough Body Play – we will experiment with intensive bodily effort.


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