Being Bound

Water represents emotion and allowing yourself to fall deeper.
Sensual abandon can also make us vulnerable and helpless, because we’re open and touchable and this accessibility almost makes us a bit powerless.

In this workshop, we will work with elements of bondage, the art of erotic restriction.


When your body is tied, your mind can be at rest. Your receptivity, your ability to perceive, is enhanced many times over. When your body is bound, your mind can find peace. Your receptivity, your abilities of perception, will be enhanced many times over. Being tied means feeling held and protected in a special way on the one hand, on the other, you are more exposed, give up parts of your self-control, show yourself. Being held in that experience is one of the magical experiences we can have as human beings.

Marlen has developed a special method of teaching rope bondage. Her consistent focus on movement and flow while tying, and on awareness of your own body and your partner’s, make it possible even for beginners to achieve inspiring, effective, lusty results with rope, even in a short time. The rope becomes an extension of your own energy. Bondage can be sexy, aesthetic, playful, heart-opening, meditative, scary, technical, rough, or tender. This workshop is an invitation to find out what you like about it.

Methods of integrating rope-work into tantric massage will also be taught.
Depending on the group’s level and learning progress, we will also work with the suspension points on the second day, in order to open up another dimension to the play. Defying gravity, the bound body expands between heaven & earth.

The weekend is inspired by Marlen’s session „water“.

Information about place and dates will follow soon

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Die ist die Möglichkeit, die Elemente Deines sexuellen Potentials zu erforschen.


Erde ist die Mutter, die Basis für die Arbeit von Marlen.


Wasser steht für Gefühl und ein Stück tiefer sinken.


Schmerz, Präsenz und Lust.


Wir öffnen uns mehr und mehr dem Material, das Ihr mitbringt!


Shibari oder Kinbaku – das ist die Kunst der japanischen Seilbondage.


Empfindest du dich als weiblich? Bist du eine Frau?


Die Welt des Tantra und die Welt des BDSM erscheinen nur auf den ersten Blick weit voneinander entfernt.


Rough Body Play – wir experimentieren mit intensivem Körpereinsatz.


Ein Nachmittag für alle, die gerne an den Grenzen spielen.