at the Limits

Pain, presence, and lust. Like a magic triangle, these elements weave in and out of many people’s fantasies, and actual sex lives, too.
Whether you’ve only dreamed of having more intense sensory experiences, you have some experience, or you have long felt at home in the world of consensual power and devotion, “Fire” is your playground and field of experience.

Workshop Fire

You can explore the relationship between pain and intensity, pursue the question of whether and how the intensity supports your lust, and redefine what pleasure means to you. You can also try out whether power exchange, the feeling of losing control, or rather, dominance strengthens and nourishes your erotic energy.
Communication, consent, and humor are our closest companions on this journey.

On this weekend, you will learn to use various gentle BDSM toys, but also what you can achieve completely without tools. Not just technique, but also an inner attitude towards dominance and submission are what make your play interesting for the area in between your ears as well.
If you already work professionally with sexuality, for instance as an escort or tantric massage practitioner, the workshop will offer you an expansion of your repertoire.

The weekend is inspired by Marlen’s session „Fire“.


Date: 16 – 17 October 2021
Ort: IIn the southern part of Cologne, centrally located, very close to the beautiful banks of the Rhine, to gastronomy, culture, accommodation
320 Euro
Discount on request.

For participants of the EWF Year Group: The costs for you are 300 Euro. As EWF core group, we meet additionally on Fridays before each of the dates listed above.

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Die ist die Möglichkeit, die Elemente Deines sexuellen Potentials zu erforschen.


Erde ist die Mutter, die Basis für die Arbeit von Marlen.


Wasser steht für Gefühl und ein Stück tiefer sinken.


Schmerz, Präsenz und Lust.


Wir öffnen uns mehr und mehr dem Material, das Ihr mitbringt!


Shibari oder Kinbaku – das ist die Kunst der japanischen Seilbondage.


Empfindest du dich als weiblich? Bist du eine Frau?


Die Welt des Tantra und die Welt des BDSM erscheinen nur auf den ersten Blick weit voneinander entfernt.


Rough Body Play – wir experimentieren mit intensivem Körpereinsatz.


Ein Nachmittag für alle, die gerne an den Grenzen spielen.