The game of dominance and submission

In the dazzling acronym “BDSM”, the D/S leads a somewhat hidden existence. In the dazzling acronym “BDSM”, the D/S leads a somewhat hidden existence. The relationship with our partner(s) plays a crucial role in how we experience play, whether it’s flogging, bondage, needleplay, or extensive foot worship.

We dig deeper into this relationship – which roles and therefore also emotional aspects, which qualities in you are you allowed to discover, sometimes only painstakingly to uncover, in order to play with them with pleasure?

D/S sometimes goes deeper than any painplay- because the psyche has to play along. And the deeper you go, the more you play beyond the clichés and intimacy emerges. And: again, it’s fun to playfully question your own beliefs.

What growth can be hidden in stepping fully into a role? Where does the power of submission lie? What personal and perhaps spiritual skills do you need to surrender yourself honestly with all your being? And what inner skills does it take to be able to hold and lead that devotion empathically – and have fun doing it?

What aspects of dominance do you like to embody -are you a born goddess, a diva, a bossy overseer, or a somewhat overstepping teacher? Are you an overpowering predator or a dominant seducer? Are you as a sub or bottom submissive, rebellious, a sensual minx, a slut that should be passed around or do you enjoy to worship your top non-stop and silently and to be at her service? Are role-playing games your thing at all? Do you prefer to play wordlessly through body and gestures? Or do you relentlessly whisper outrageous things into your partner’s ear that drive her crazy?

What about “ownership,” humiliation games, shame and embarrassment, or sexual availability? Where do you reach your limits and where have the barn doors been wide open for a long time? The different aspects of D/S can make for wet dreams for some, but for others they are a total no-go. And that is totally fine!


Zwischenwelten, Zurich

Saturday 11 am – 6 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

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